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22 February 2009

Radio Shows

I listen to many radio shows during this time of prep. I do have quite a few songs on my mp3 player, but sometimes they get a bit redundant. I want to learn something while I am working out, so I listen to the various radio shows that are available.
Launched in January 2009, Sioux has a variety of shows for all women who are interested in the sport of fitness, figure and bodybuilding. I have downloaded all the shows, and listened to pretty much all of them. There is a big variety of guests, such as trainers, choreographers, and athletes of all levels - amateur to pro. At times some of the sound quality makes it difficult to hear the show, (especially in my gym as the gym music is quite loud). But the main points of interest are covered in most of the interviews, and you are able to get a sense of the athletes personality. It is hard to know what the athletes are like just by their picture, and the interview does give us a glimpse, (or ear) to what they actually go through with their training, diet, contest prep, promotion in the industry, and their personal lives. No matter what division you compete in, there is a show for you.

SiouxCountry Radio

Muscular Development
I used to listen to the No Bull shows, hosted by Dave P, and John R, as they were 2 hours of banter, on various topics, and then an interview with 1-2 main guests. The new show called "Team MD Radio Show", I have not listened to yet, but have it downloaded to my Mp3 player so I will see what it is like. The new show is hosted by Flex Wheeler and Shawn Ray.

Team MD Radio Show
I have been listening to the Bodysport radio shows since its inception. Hosted by the owners of, photographer, Terry Goodlad, and wife, and IFBB Figure Pro - Elaine Goodlad.
They also have of Ana Tigre of Fizeek Brazil on their quite often. They ask very in depth questions to the guests, and get very personal at times. I really enjoyed their recent interview with two very strong & inspirational women - Lisa Person, and Tracy Wickenheiser. They did an interview with Jen Hendershott a while back, that really showed what a wonderful women she is and a true role model within the industry. They do a lot of interviews with many of the top women in the sport today. You do have to download them free from ITunes.

Fitness & Figure Talk Radio

Living Beautiful
This show has been on the air for the last 3 years. With hosts Nancy DiNino and Dr. Catheryn Navarro they love to find out what makes women tick. How do they choose to live beautifully in their own lives? There is 3 years worth of shows to download. I think they have interviewed every top IFBB competitor in the industry. Each show is about an hour long, so you have plenty of shows to choose from to keep your mind occupied, while doing some cardio.

Living Beautiful Radio

This is a new site hosted by Dave P. and John R. They have their own radio show called the "Heavy Muscle Radio show". I have not listened to it yet, but I am sure it will be in the same style as their "No Bull" Radio show. Again I have downloaded the shows that they have, and will take a listen. I always enjoy their show, as they are very blunt, say whatever comes to mind (which most of are thinking), and have interesting perspectives.

Heavy Muscle Radio Show

Soon, there is to be a branch of the RX Muscle site, especially for women called "Muscle Girls Inc". It will be hosted by IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Colette Nelson and IFBB Pro Figure competitor Krissy Chin. I will have to wait and download that show in the near future.

After having written all this I am realizing - I spend to much time on the internet.
Enough for today. Happy listening.


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