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16 February 2009

16 days till I leave for the Arnold

Here is it. I have been waiting for this point of my training since just after CBBF Fitness Nationals. The point of no return. The point where things get more focussed, more disciplined (can we be more disciplined?), and just crazy!

My workouts are tough, but going well. I always feel rested, and energized. However, the routine which is most important, is really tough. I am starting to run sprints to cross train for the cardio part of the routine - which is an all out sprint for 2 minutes. I always do this to myself. Add more than I can do in 2 mins. I try to make it as hard as I possibly can - just for the challenge. But it is necessary; probably not. The judges cannot possibly see everything and reward me for it. I try to find a balance between making it hard, and having good flow, and transitions. However, I always try to do more than it possible and right now am cutting back on some moves for the sake of selling the more to the judges, and being clean in the routine, such as pointed toes, and straight knees. This week I am upping my routine practice to 3 days per week, and with my 4 days/week program that will be enough.

Luckily, I have my teaching to keep me busy and balanced to what is most important. My family keeps me on my toes, but I am sure my husband can sense that my mind - at times - may be somewhere else. Everyday I am learning how to live in the moment more. I used to be doing one thing, and thinking about another. My 'new' attitude is allowing me to be in the moment, focus on what I am currently doing in that moment ( like writing this blog) and then move on to what is next. I have found that I end up doing a better job, enjoy the moment more, and overall end up being calmer and more relaxed.

My physique keeps coming along. I still have many days between then and now. Many changes can take place, but ultimately right now, where I am at, I feel ready. I am ready to be on stage again. I still practice the posing, as you can never take anything for granted. Or at least I don't. The butt of course, last to change. I tend to gain my weight there first, so it comes off there last.

Till next update.....A.

Photos from Sunday: (my little guy wanted to be in the photo too)

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