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13 February 2009

Interview on Living Beautiful Radio

My interview that I did the other day with Nancy DiNino and Dr. Catheryn Navarro is now posted online. You can hear the interview on Living Beautiful

I was worried about the interview as I am a bit of a talker, and say umm, a lot. A habit I need to change. I was nervous as I never want to say anything to offend anyone. I was constantly self-censoring as you never know who is listening. My intent is always to put my opinions forward, but never push them on people. I try to wait to be asked, as no one likes a 'know it all' personality. I am really not that unique as there are many women who work hard, and have children and accomplish much more than I ever have or will.

Thank you Nancy and Dr. Navarro for giving women a voice on how they choose to define balance, and 'live beautifully'. I am inspired by all of the women you have profiled on your show. Thank you again, and congrats on your 3rd season!


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TX T said...

Yea Allison has a blog. Ok maybe you've had it for sometime now *lol* I have just been away for awhile. Glad to see your blogging. Will be following along. Good luck on your way to the Arnold. You have always been one of my favorite, you will do great. Your progress pics are amazing! Good luck!