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14 March 2012

St. Louis Pro 2012 - Up Next.

Here we are, once again. The days before I am to leave for another fitness competition.

St. Louis Pro - held in St. Louis - on March 17th - click here for the event details.

It is true. I have an addiction.  At times it can be food, however, right now it is competing. This year I am having a great time being on stage, and soaking up every minute of it.  I am getting older, and there are more days behind me than ahead, so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel quickly approaching.  This will be my 3rd show in 5 weeks.  Most would think that I am crazy, but aren't many successful people a little off their rocker?

After an event like the Arnold most would agree getting home all you want to do is sleep.  Luckily, I had March Break to get my bearings once again, and do just that - sleep.  My son was home for the week, and I welcomed the time off to spend with him.  Unfortunately he was sick most of the week, and is still recovering.  Nothing serious just general malise but it has diminished his energy a bit, and for this week it was a relaxing change.   My child has a lot of energy - must get that from me.  ;)

Training has been really good. I have not felt overly tired, or exhausted. Doing this many shows in a row fatigue can be a limiting factor, but each day I listen to my body, and do what I am capable of.  

The week of March Break was a struggle with babysitting and getting some time to get to the gym.  Friends so lovingly helped out, and I am thankful to them.  I also had the confidence to actually ask for what I needed.  Sometimes we are scared (speaking in the third person here), to ask for what we want thinking we are going to be a bother, or a nuance.   I am realizing that in order to get what you actually want out of this life, you have to ask.  No - is not that bad of a word.

For a couple of workouts, I took my son to the gym with me.  When you are left with no other option, you make due with what you have.  Consistency is not perfect, and there are time when good enough will have to do.   What I feared was him getting bored, and throwing a tantrum.  However, it was one set for me, then some games/obstacle course type stuff for him.  My routine practice fits really well with him, as it is only 2mins in length, so he is able to stay focussed for that time. Plus he is a good counter of reps.

This week, I spent most of the time catching up on work that was put on hold for March Break.  Tough to do computer work with your little one around.  They 'sense' when you are working, and will need you at that very moment.
I am very excited to be traveling to St. Louis this weekend. For one, I have no idea where on the map I am going. Perhaps the blond half of my head is working overtime.  But it is adventurous as it is new, different, and I just like traveling.

I would love to be able to travel Vegas, and have that 'golden ticket' and get to the big show.  That still is a goal.

Up to this moment in my life, I love where I am at, love being in this body, and am having a blast at work.  Life is really fun right now.  Perhaps this is what they meant when they say, "do something you love and you will never work a day in your life". 

I will be tweeting over the event.  The hashtag is #stlpro.  Make sure you sign up at Twitter, or through my Facebook page.

I did have an issue with my phone, and heard many did in Columbus as well.  Perhaps it was the volume of people using Internet/Phones.   I was not receiving my texts. So a quick call to Bell Canada, and they resolved everything.  I am very happy with the service they provided.

I have loads of video from the Flex Pro, and the Arnold, both of which I have not had time to edit.  I will get to it, as I have quite a bit of backstage stuff. So stay tuned.

Full report after I return from St. Louis.


16 January 2012

RX Girl Blog

Hi Everyone-
I have been posting some videos in the RX girl forums and a few videos.
I don't have someone to walk around with me at the gym, so I do all my own videos and editing.
My friends all work.  lol.
Hope you like.