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23 November 2006

Fitness America Nationals 2006

"You had a baby?" That is what I heard most of the weekend, followed by a "you look great". (Love hearing that BTW) And well most of you are wondering how the weekend went...for me it was a great show.

The results were as 5

1. Dawn Butterfield
2. Sheri Vucick
3. Vanda Hadarean
4. Nikki B.
5. Jenn

The full results will be posted on the site, or site on Friday.

I placed 8th.

I performed my routine perfectly, but with that being said, it was not as skilled as it would have been in the past, and definitely not as skilled as my competitors. I do have to work on getting my strength back, and everyday it returns. I will be returning to FAP for the Universe and the Nationals next year, as I would love to win the big one (ok one of the two) one more time (or for the first time), before having baby #2.

By next season I will be just as strong as I was prior to the baby, am willing to learn a few new tricks. ;)

Here are some pics

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This one is courtesey of John Atherton

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Allison & Liana

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Allison, Linda & Liana

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Allison & Amy

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Allison & Amber

Loved being on the Fear Factor stage. It was big and bouncy too. Glad to have competed in these 2 shows, as it really eases my nerves for next year, and fires me up at the same time to really put together a dynamo, routine.

The girls were a lot of fun as usual. Lots of laughs, sharing similar stories, the running to and from the tent (which was our changing room), the opening number. I always loved competing in fitness, but now I really enjoy it more and don't take myself too seriously anymore. Somehow Zach (the little guy), has put a perspective into my life that I have not been aware of before.

Up next for me, well, Christmas...already decorating, and baking some seriously calorie laden cookies, shopping, answering email,and trying to get myself to the Arnold again this year.

I just want to thank my sponsor Slimquick for encouraging me through my return to the fitness stage. Sylvia Tremblay of TremblayDesigns, thank you for putting together my routine outfit, and swimsuit in such a short time. They were beautiful and I will be asking for more in the new year!

Congratulations to Dawn Butterfield for winning the big one! I am so proud of you for sticking it out, and pushing forward!

Talk soon,


06 November 2006

Miami FAME Pro show

Hey all-

Back from Miami. I placed 4th. I was .4 away from 3rd place. I did think that things went well, but to everyone's surprise, WNSO (due to unforseen circumstances) changed the event venue on the Wednesday before the event.(I was to leave on the Friday for the event.) That was a bit disconcerning. It moved from the Deauville hotel to Hollywood, FLA which was 45 mins away. The stage ended up being very small, which freaked me out as I am not used to having curtains, posters, and mic equipement so close to my performance. I did downgrade a few things and when you practice you move in a certain way, so during the performance I was constantly checking and guessing my distance around the stage in preparation for the next move. Tough, but I got through it.

My goal at this event was to work out the bugs of competing again, and the nerves. I am proud of that. I was really nervous as it had been 2 years since being in front of a crowd.

Here are some pics...

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The results...Sheri 1st, Sylvia 2nd, Amelie 3rd, and me 4th. I am not sure of the rest of the results but the girls were all so good. The show was very small, but a good quality of competitor.

Next up is the FAP Nationals so I will be working really hard until then. I have to lean out my body more, and up my difficulty in my routine, but I know that I can do it. I am hoping for a top 5 finish. There is a max of 30 girls competing in the event, as FAP capped it to 30 girls this year. I am excited to see friends, and have some girl time.

I did my miss 'little guy' when I was away and am happy to be back taking care of him.

Gotta go and make a training 'plan' for the week.