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15 December 2006

The holidays 2006

I love this time of year. More now since I have a little guy to see the wonders and innocence that goes with the lights, the christmas tree, and of course visiting Santa. I have baked oodles of cookies over the past few weeks; I think I am obsessed. Ginger Spice is my favorite. Not too many though as one does not want to get too far off track before the 'official' holiday time starts.

My husband and I will be spending much needed time together, as somehow life seems to get in the way. We need this time to 'reconnect' with each other and will be taking advantage of having some family around for some babysitting services...Thanks in advance, Mom!

Many friends will be in town so it will be a quick catch up session with them, reminescing about the past, and our present lives. I always love going home for the holidays as nothing seems to change much....well, except the building of new shops and business.....the people are still the same, warm and friendly, and it reminds me to appreciate where I came from. I also love that feeling of connectedness that I have for my hometown; feeling immediately like it is a good fit, and it is a very familiar place.

What is next for the New Year? Well, I will be taking the time over the holidays to prepare my 'wish list' for next year. Goals that I would like to achieve by the end of 2007. There are many shows that I would like to participate in but we can talk of that further in the new year.

Hopefully you have been able to brave the malls, and get some of your Christmas shopping done. I have. Ordering off the internet is so easy, and quick. Why did I not do it that way last year?

Glad to see you stopping by. And hopefully I will see you on my message board as well (yes I brought it back). Many were disappointed with its disappearance.

I wish you all the best this holiday season.