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07 February 2009

25 days till I leave for the Arnold.


Training has been going really well this year. I am positive it is because I am lifting heavier, and my workout plan is interesting which keeps me motivated. It is Erik Ledin of who does my training. This year I will be able to meet him at the event. Can you believe we have been talking for about a year, and still have not met?

Dieting is well, is dieting. I eat the same 10 foods all the time. Does it get boring? Sometimes. I try to keep an eye on the goal, as I know it is only temporary. I eat oatmeal, egg whites, protein shakes, bananas, yogurt, chicken, sweet potato, almonds, broccoli, and asparagus. I have some supplements - EFAs, and BCAAs but have not started using the yet. I do take my Slimquick Extreme - as they have these energy shots that are amazing! They really taste great, and when you are consuming no sugar, it is like a treat. I also use the drink sachets that you put into your water. They are just like crystal light, but with a little kick. Again, another pick me up when your taste buds want to consume other things.

I am still eating my weekly cheat - I cut this out at around 10 days before the show.
The next 15 days are tough, but for me I find the last 10-12 days before the show the hardest. You are consuming your lowest calories, and still have to perform the routine. I can appreciate why girls switch to figure.

Evaluation of Progress

My physique is still changing on a weekly basis. I have put on size, and well, am trying to not come in too lean, as I feel I am ahead of schedule this year. I did 46 days of dieting for the Arnold last year, and this year I am doing 60 days.

I started around Christmas to clean this up, but never really fell off the wagon too much so the transition was not that bad. Even when I can eat whatever I want, I just don't. People say to me, "Wouldn't it be nice to eat this cake; too bad you cannot have some". Funny, I would not eat it anyways. At my work there is cake, cookies, and every kind of carb you can image during the week, and I never take my share. Most times I will pack a slice up for my husband. Even in the off season there are days when I still eat chicken, broccoli and sweet potato for lunch.

I am still waiting for my butt to come in. Everything else will continue to tighten up, but as always the butt is the last to come in. Hopefully next week, I will be seeing further progress. If you like the suit - it was made by Sylvia Tremblay of TremblayDesigns - she does great work.

Routine practice has been good. Today was my 2nd official going to try to do my routine full out practice. I got through it once but it was a bit messy. I tape myself each practice to make sure I am progressing. I was a little worried that I would not be in shape to do the routine. I always try to make it as hard as I possibly can, and then start deleting things as it ends up being too hard.

In Canada routines are 1min 30 seconds - and for the Arnold it is 2 minutes. I have chosen to do 2 mins for the Arnold, and make a 2nd cut of my music for the World Qualifier show as I will have to revamp the routine in 10 days after the Arnold for the World Qualifier.
In Canada we still have the quarter turn with the trunk twist. Most say it makes your physique look better, but I like the 'new' quarter turn to the side - less work.

I am very excited to be going to the Arnold this year. My favorite part of competing is meeting the girls backstage, and seeing their routines. I have such an admiration for all of them who compete. It is not easy to prepare yourself to be scrutinized by that many people - the audience and the judges.

Talk later in the week,


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