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21 February 2009

11 days till I leave.

Today, I did my routine full out. The way it will be done at the Arnold. It felt good, and I felt strong. I did have my cheat meal yesterday, and took the day off from training. So, that probably helped a lot. I find it harder to take days off, than to just push through the aches and pains, and overall tired feeling that comes with lower than normal calories, and the training. I think it is more of a mental thing, as it is really good for my body to get some rest.

I did practice my routine during the week, as planned, so everything seems to be coming together. Now since I am so close to the show, being motivated to do the routine practice becomes harder. I did not enjoy going to practice the routine today, but I know that it is necessary. To do it once, perfect, at the show requires a lot of repetitions. I have to make the moves happen so that I don't think about it, and just let my body do what it has been trained to do. And adrenaline from being on stage always adds a little kick.

Physique - I feel so skinny - I have felt this way for the past 3 weeks. None of my clothes fit me. They are really big. I am seeing changes every 1 to 2 days now. It is funny how you can actually feel your butt get tighter. Dents where there was smoothness before. Veins - OMG I am covered in veins. Oh, and bruises - I have so many bruises. This routine is not a walk in the park.

I prefer my body a bit heavier. Although I like the look of muscles in the context of competition, I just feel too skinny to be able to maintain this look all the time. The diet is going well. I am not moody, but I have found coping mechanisms for this. Basically I check my 'tude at the door when I come home from work. What person is going to support me when I am cranky during the 'diet' phase? My co-workers know something is up, as I am less talkative at school, and tend to look tired sometimes when at work. They ask if everything is ok, but know that the end is near, and I am very excited to be on stage.

After the Arnold I am not done competing. I am doing the Natural Physique in Laval Quebec, basically in my backyard on March 21, 2009. So it is a no brainer to do this show. It is close, so travel costs are low. It would be nice to have people who I know, and who have heard about my fitness for so long, actually be there at a show to see what I do. My hubby came to a show back in 2002, but not since. (Traveling by myself is cheaper) My son and my hubby will be there.

But for the Arnold - it is just me. I will be at the booth and competing that weekend. It is a lot but I did the same last year and had a really good time. Hopefully things will turn out the same this year.


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Michelle said...

Wow looking amazing!! where did you get your suit?