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28 July 2008

I feel cranky!

This is probably where it all begins. Today. I do feel really cranky today. I am not sure why I feel this way. Could it be the low calories that I have been on for the last 6-8 weeks? Maybe. Could it be my training? Maybe. Could it be that mother nature is set to visit soon? Maybe.

It is really easy at this time to start taking it out on your family and significant other. This is one of the main reasons why relationships in this industry don't last. It is hard for the other person to 'take it' all the time. During this period of time before the show one has to really keep their emotions in check. Imagine if every time I did a show I would treat my significant other or children disrespectfully? How many more shows do you think they would support me in? I try to do as much or even more for them during this time. It helps with those final few days as I am kept busy. Also, they are benefiting from my extra attention (or at least I think they do), before I leave for a few days. (I leave for Vancouver in 11 days but who is counting.)

I don't know how I managed to do 5-7 shows/year in my previous 10 years of competition. I am only on my second show this year and am due for another break. I can sense that my body is tired. I know I want to spend more time with my family without having to prep my food. At times, I feel I am always shopping for groceries, and preparing meals. This seems to happen on average every 3 days. I spend quite a bit of time looking at my watch--when to eat next; when to train. It does get a bit much (near the end especially) and everyone needs to have a sense normalcy in their lives.

I do have at least 2 weeks of vacation remaining after the Nationals. I will be spending another week in Toronto and then back to the Maritimes. I love spending my time there, and anyone who has ever visited knows how friendly, and warm this place is.

Near the end of the week, if I can figure it out, I will post some video of my posing and my routine.



Brit-Man said...

I wouldn't blame you for feeling a bit rascible. I know from reading about it how these things take toll, on the individual, and you are asking a lot from your body, but as ever you should be proud of what you're doing, and never have to justify it to anyone, except maybe family.

I hope you have a good time afterwards, and enjoy yourself vacationing.

I know you'll have earned it.

Take care and best wishes :-) :-).


Bernee said...

Good luck, you deserve that Pro Card. Your previous post about that small competition in Quebec, ignore what the judges said. I think they just wanted to teach you a lesson and all the stuff they told you about your shoulders being too small etc, etc, was just BS!