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11 July 2008

28 days to go.

I am home now from my 5 days in Toronto and then a 16 hour drive to the Maritimes. I spent around 9 days in the Maritimes. My training in the Maritimes was good. I was staying near the beach (which was a no brainer), but there was no gym in the area. So I had to commute to the city everyday. To and fro from, back and forth, to where I was staying to the gym on a daily basis, started to get a bit annoying. Where my home is, everything is very close, so having to wait to get somewhere is not something that I like. In my car anyways. If I walked a bit (like in Toronto) that is not a huge waste of time as I am exercising at the same time. Driving does not allow for that.

I also still have work to do from school, and other things in fitness to take care of so I needed to be home to do just that. Plus with my son, travelling with him, well, he was very reluctant to stay with relatives. Sure there is an adjustment for him, but if it is with the same person every day, that would be ok, but shuffling him to house to house well, has to be hard on him too. I know he enjoyed his time with the family too, but now that we are home....I can see that he missed being home too.

I LOVE the Maritimes and would stay there all summer if I could. Maybe next summer.....;)

Training has been good, considering the flux in my schedule. Diet has been perfect. One day I had a small blip as I went into town, thinking I would be back for supper. Well, got into my car to go home for the afternoon/evening and nothing happened. My car would not start/turn over, nothing....not one noise. Called CAA. Got a tow to the nearest shop to see what the issue was with my car. This can put a lot of stress on a person, but luckily I was at a friend of the family's house, and well, they were very generous to help me. Found out that my starter had gone on my car - it is not that old - 8 years. But I hear that cars don't last very long anymore. I would think they would last longer than 8 years - and I only have 110 000 km on it. Over 8 years...that is not a lot.

Still even with this I managed to eat properly.

Routine - started front half, back half. I am considering changing the music, but then again maybe not. Things are done and I know what comes next so maybe I will go with the familiar rather than something more current.

Today was my cheat meal - egg salad sandwich and peanuts - very exciting.

Here are some updated pics as of today. I still have 4 weeks to go.

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