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25 July 2008

2 weeks before I leave....and something I have noticed.

I am starting to feel a bit of pressure for this Nationals. It is pressure, of course, that I put on myself. In the back of my mind, I know the outcome is out of my hands. Sometimes, I wonder if I create 'issues' in my mind. If I am not feeling stress or worry, I wonder if I really should be worried, and decide to create drama.

Do you create your own drama in your life? For example, I have this really good friend, and we all close to her knows that she creates her own drama. We tell her she is addicted to it.

I mention this as my training is going really well. I am on vacation and am able to focus on my training, get plenty of rest, spend time with my son, husband, and friends. Basically, I am not killing myself training. This is, of course, in comparison to when I am working, or my training of previous years. I can say that my training so far has been fun.

Could it be that after all this time I have finally found a balance? Being able to compete and have a life? If this is true, I have to say that it has been a long road to this point.

Around this time I am somewhat moody, and a little on edge. This does not seem to be the case at this point. But, I do still have 2 weeks to go so we will see. In order to cope, I do let my hubby know and we talk it out. It is more me talking and him going 'uh hun'. ;)

I am appreciative and thankful to have Erik Ledin of LeanBodiesConsulting on my team. It has been easier to stay motivated. I am more enthusiatic now, since my workouts are more of a challenge. It is a joy to lift heavy, and see the progression and changes in my body. To have a second set of eyes and opinions really helps.

Sylvia Tremblay is once again doing my suits. She does amazing work and has great customer service. She lives right around the corner so this is really a no brainer. She also did my routine costume. She is competing too. In my class - the short class. This is going to be one hard class.

In CBBF Fitness there are 3 rounds. The preliminary Rounds are in the morning. There is Round 1 consisting of the physique round - 2-piece of my choice. Then Round 2 is the fitness round. Round 3 is during the evening show which is the same 2-piece, but the top 5 are called out and are compared again. Some tell me that this is not judged, but is just for show.

I feel my physique has made some good changes this week. I am doing my routine full out, and can hit all the moves. A good friend made a recommendation to put a few other moves in my routine but it is pretty packed. It was really hard for me to cut down my music which was designed for 2 min down to 1 min 30 seconds. I am not sure why the CBBF seems to do everything just a bit differently. Speaking of the CBBF - the quarter turn to the side - is the jury still out on that one? Is it facing completely to the side, a la USA, or with the upper torso facing front (torso twist)? Hard to practice that one when there are so many variations.

My son was in the picture and well, I thought it to be funny to post this one.

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Brit-Man said...

Man I have been off the ball. You had a new blog and I didn't even notice.

All I can say is, I know it must have been hard losing to a novice, but I will say politics are almost certainly abound in the sport, there's no question.

I heard a rumour once, and it might be CBBF, but not sure, that if you start competing with them, then switch to someone else like NABBA, you can never do CBBF again, though I'm not 100% certain if this is true of them, but one organisation does operate like that so I believe, and it might possibly be CBBF.

As for saying about how some girls stay quite beefy, I think we both know how "some" do that, and potentially in a way, where it's not obvious, but I'm not going to say anything more on that, as I don't want to sound controversial on your blog.

The main thing with the CBBF show is, it was always going to be a learning curve, and it was always going to be a test of mental and emotional strength, because in some ways, they are a different organisation to the ones you've competed with before, like FAME and WNSO.

I know that you have all the ability to do this, and I apologise, (though you'll probably say there's no need), for not realising sooner you were keeping a new blog, or I'd have been on the bandwagon before now.

You know how much I admire and respect you as an athlete, person, and lady, and now I know you're doing this, I'll be keeping a closer eye on your journey, as I really want to follow your progress, and see what happens.

All I can find to say apart from what's already been said is, Best wishes, GOOD LUCK, keep your chin up, head high, be strong, walk tall and no worries.

I know what an incredible athlete you are, and what truly inspiring, and genuine individual you are, and you don't need any new organisation, (regardless of any possible ethics / politics), to help you prove this.

You proved pretty much all there is to prove about you, many times already, particularly when you bounced back from that pregnancy weight, to do your first show, and as ever you looked, (as some might say), like a celestial vision, and you certainly did yourself and your family proud on that occasion.

I know your son will always be lucky to have such a big hearted rolemodel like you, to call his Mother, and whatever CBBF do or don't do at shows, regards format, judging etc etc, it won't change a thing about you, or your achievements, and if there is any possible politics, you're above that, and so are your past results, and you'll still be a big and respected inspiration / name, for several years, after your eventual retirement from the sport, which I hope is not any time soon, because you still have a lot of winning, and inspiraiton of others to achieve.

Keep pushing yourself Allison, I can see how much it's paying off, and I know you ALWAYS produce an absolutely stunning and pretty flawless show physique.

Take care

:-) :-).


P.S. I bet the judge who told you your Calves were too big, was just jealous, because some guys don't like women with better muscles than them, it's apparently intimidating. I think that judge should get over his little man syndrome and grow up :-p.