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20 July 2008

18 days till I leave for Nationals

Here we go - the final 3 weeks. This is probably the roughest time for a fitness/figure competitor. You are so close, and have to watch everything that you do. Your diet (most of the training), your training, for me routine practice, supplementary cardio (if needed), rest, your emotions (as sometimes they can be wacky), and try to maintain focus as the light is at the end of the tunnel is near.

I get very motivated at this time. Especially when I search the internet to see who will be competing in fitness. I know for sure from the previous year - Chantal Dicaire, Sylvia Tremblay, Allison Black, Tamara Vaughn, Ocean Bloom, and maybe Meagan McCurdy. All very talented fitness gals vying for the one pro card - an issue for another time maybe. It is going to be one tough show, as all the bodies of the girls I just mentioned are very different. The judges never give an indication of what they are going for. Everyone just seems to accept the fact that it is big, bad, and somewhat hard. I don't want to say hard - as some of the girls last year (IMO) were not hard, just big and bad. So maybe they are going for more of a shape, than leanness. I can never tell.

This year I am focusing on bringing my best shape. One that compliments the physique that I already have or should I say - been given by my parents. For the routine - I always try to bring the hardest routine that I can. That is the fun for me. I love to show off, and have the audience reaction of applause. That gets me pumped.

Erik has reassured me that I am working hard enough. Even though my cardio is low, my weights are heavy and intense. Love that. It is great to be lifting heavy. Routine is coming along as I am running it full out now. Twice today. That is about as much as I can handle. Then I am spent and need to eat.

Now this week - again diet was on, training was on. I still have quite a few days to make changes, and I am only doing around 2 hours and 30 mins of cardio. The diet has been hard as we have had many social events, and parties at our house this summer. So I am baking and cooking, and not even licking my fingers - nothing. Cannot have one taste of sugar at all.
This week I am going to cut back on my yogurt, and cut out my sweetener - I usually don't but since this show is so important I don't mind making a few sacrifices. Right now I am only eating the following foods: oatmeal, egg whites, no fat yogurt, bananas, chicken, ground chicken, broccoli, asparagus, sweet potato, protein shakes and dill pickles. Sounds really boring, but it is only temporary and I know that all those other foods that I love will still be around after the show.

Here are some pics from this week - on Friday.

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Virginie said...

Bonjour Allison,

As you mentionned it is going to be a hel of a show. I wish I could be there. I know that you and Sylvia are doing some killer routines. But as you said, there will be other girls, who are as hungry as you are. Anyway, it is nice to hear about your progress. With only one pro-card, the "fight" is going to be intense. In my opinion, the Fitness show is going to be a lot more entertaining that the figure show. Anyway, you are almost there. And you are one of the inspiration to me with Sylvia. I do not have your background, but I am doing what I can with what I have.
It is only 3 weeks, it is going to be fast.

Virginie aka Disco Queen:)