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07 June 2008

The weekend....and 9 more weeks to go....

Ahhh, the weekend. We are always glad to see it arrive, but for me and my alter ego - the fitness competitor... it is not always a welcome sight. I enjoy the time I have to relax, and train but if there is any spare time, in which I am not busy, my thoughts tend to stray to food. It is not particularly tough in the beginning, (as is now) but near the 4-6 week mark from the show, there are moments when I just want time to pass so that the show can be here.

For this I tend to keep myself very busy - cleaning is one main thing that I do during this time. I organize parts of my house that normally you don't pay too much attention too...for instance: photos; having the laundry completely finish (washed, dried, folded, and put away); clean under the bathroom sink; hall closet; linen closet; basement storage; various cupboards/pantry, etc. You get the idea.

Another thing is being online. Although now I find myself with less time online, if I do have a few moments - I log on. I know that as the show draws closer, I tend to look up the competition, see who is attending, catch up with friends, results of shows, various fitness/figure message boards.

There are times that I create things for me to do at work. The things that I would put on hold and 'do later' tend to get done sooner. With being a teacher the work is really never done. Not even in the summer. You are planning new lessons, getting ideas, talking with colleagues, conferences, administration stuff, and always planning for the next year.

During this time of preparations, I find that I am more involved at home, more involved at work, more involved with friends, and family. I do not put my own life on hold just because I am preparing for a show. I do however, let those around me know that I am 'training again'. And that is about the end of it. Luckily I have been doing this for a while, and my extended network is very familiar with what I do. I have explained myself many times, and really don't mind explaining to anyone new who may be apart of the staff. They usually have questions, and luckily I love to talk, so it works out well.

Those who do not like to explain yourself 'all the time'; have patience. People around you don't know what you do and are generally interested. If they make rude or sarcastic comments, try to explain to them in a 'matter of fact' way. Some people in your life may never understand what you do, but I feel if you hold your ground long enough people will come around. You just have to firm and direct with your explanations. We would like more fans of the sport, and maybe a few more athletes as well. I would love to hear some of the comments people have made to you and how you reacted.

Do I stay away from social events? I try not to. If you would have asked me this 5 years ago, I would have said yes. But now I have found that I can do both and still be successful at fitness. I always somehow thought that the more I suffered through my preparations somehow this would translate into a better result at the show. I am so glad to have let all those foolish beliefs go.

I have a son now, and he keeps me very busy. Not that I am recommending kids, but they do keep you on your toes. Some moms I am sure would say they fall victim to eating off their children's plates (you know who you are), and those who compete know that this is a huge 'no-no' at any time. (extra food = extra calories) He is now 2, and loves being at the park, being outside, and I cannot wait to bring him to the beach this summer. If anything, at this time in my life, he keeps me so busy that eating is just to fill the void, and move on to the next activity.

There are times that I do sit down and truly enjoy my food. These are considered special occasions. If they happen everyday, they are not so 'special' anymore. I know that the food will be there tomorrow, so I don't have to eat all of it today.

CBBF Fitness Nationals - still many days are this weeks updated pics.

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