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01 June 2008

9 weeks and 5 days to go....

Currently I am on a strength/mass building program. Upper body and Lower body workouts, 4 day split.

I am working with Erik Ledin of I have always done all my own workouts on my own for the last 10 years. But since having my son, I have found I have less time to sit down and develop my own programs in order to see some results. It is great to have Erik on board to get a second pair of eyes, and keep my workouts interesting and motivating.
I was starting to feel a bit stale in the gym.

Soon, we will change up my program again so that when I start practicing my routine it will not be too much for me to handle. My routine is quite athletic, and I need to reserve some strength and power for that.

My diet right now is about 90% clean. This weekend I had a few treats - a muffin, egg salad sandwich, granola bar. Will I beat myself up about it - no! I know that during the weekdays I am very clean with my diet - perfect - like 100%. And if I am having an off day I will have a mini-cheat - a granola bar - or nuts, or yogurt - something that will satisfy me, but not set my diet back 3-4days. I try to be very clean about my diet during the year, and do have treats one to two times per week. If I am feeling like I need to cheat. If I do not feel the urge - I just don't cheat. If I am balanced emotionally, feel strong at the gym, am sleeping well - no need to change things.

Weekly I will weight myself just to see, but ultimately I do let the mirror and how my clothes fit be my guide.

Since the Arnold I have been trying to put on size as that is what they like in Canada. I know that I have, but a bit more and I think I will be more symmetrical. Changing federations is tough as you never know what the CBBF is looking for. The look changes from year to year. It can be very frustrating, but you either have to accept this or not compete. You cannot let the possible outcome affect your performance.

Do I try to give the judges what they want? Yes, and no. When it comes to the routine, I always try to present the best package that I would be happy with. I do take a similar attitude to my physique as well. I like to come in as lean as I can get as that is what I am happy with. I just always hope this is something the judges will reward. Sure I do want my pro card, but if you constantly listen to what others have to say, you will be always second guessing yourself. Sometimes having too much information or getting too many opinions will mess with your head in a negative way.


Erik Ledin said...

Hey Allison,

It's already been a great year for you with the Arnold victory, but I know we're both expecting it to culminate with another victory at Nationals. The physique improvements you're making this year should be the finishing touches to the already well rounded competitor that you are.


Karen Ethier said...

Alison, since I have found you via a google alert on our last name, I am new to following you and your quest. Is it possible for you to post the diet you follow? I worked with a trainer at my local gym for a year and a half back in 2002-2003. At that time I really liked the results. Financial limitations do not allow me to continue that regime and now I find it very difficult at age 49, with all the hormonal changes going on, to lose weight even with regular exercise. I am curious as to your diet. You talk about 100% clean but I don't know what that means in your diet terms. Can you elaborate? Thanks.