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04 June 2008

64 days to go

This week has been particularly difficult for me. My hubby is away, and it is the official last week of teaching at my school. So that means I am uber stressed for my students and how they will do on their exams. In my high school they write exams for 2 weeks. So after Friday I am not teaching anymore, but have plenty of work to do for the next year.

My diet right now is about 80% clean. I cannot go from eating regular food, to eating diet food in one day. Others might be able to but I prefer to gradually get into my diet. That way I do not suffer from mood swings or feelings of being 'deprived' of those things I used to have in my diet.
My diet off season, vs on season is not that different. I just take out the 'extras' that I like. Or the extra special meals that I have at friend's houses, or eating at a restaurant. If I skip meals off season that is ok, however, in season this is not ok.

Workouts this week are not consistent as I had to take Tues, and Wed off due to my hubby being away. Thurs am I will be back in the gym, Friday and Sat. I will try to find time to work on modifying my music so that I can being to get my gymnastics, and flexibility skills back on track.

For my students, on the last day of school I always do a back flip. So that is 4 back flips on Friday as I have 4 classes. I am very excited to see the end of this year.

Not sure why but this year at school has been particularly stressful for me. Even recently the stress came out in my skin. I look like a teenager again. I am over 30 and still get major breakouts. I notice this happens when I change my diet to on season, and then usually I am ok for the rest of the prep. Anyone else experience this?
(side note...just found out what my breakouts are....cold sores...I am really stressed about my students and their math exams...wonder how they feel?)

I will post some updated photos this weekend.

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