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16 June 2008

52 days and counting....

I cannot believe how fast time flies. This week has been very hectic for me. The first 3 days were spent at a math conference as my school (actually the province) is bringing in 3 new math programs for grade 10 next year. That was a good break from being at school, as I was able to workout and focus on my training, and still do my regular job.

Back home on Wed night, however, a major thunderstorm came though and in a nutshell, the power was out for 3 days at my school. The students are into exams during this time, and all the exams had to be moved to the following week. My students are a bit disoriented as they have more time to study, but usually they do worse on the exam, and longer you wait, the more they tend to forget come the actual exam. Plus they get 'summer fever' early and thoughts of prom draw nearer, making it hard for them to focus.

On the training front, I had a very good week. Dieting was ok. Sun/Mon/Wed really good. Tues had supper out, Thursday was quite stressed and ate some popcorn, and Friday is my cheat day - so egg salad sandwich it was. However, I try to maintain some consistency in my diet, getting in all the protein timed, every 2-3 hours. Some carbs but changing to more fats near the end of the day. This has been the best week yet, and I can only expect near week to be better.

I am trying to set up some photo shoots near the end of the month so training is in higher gear than it would be for this amount of time before the show. Starting to see changes in my physique. Routine practice will start this weekend. This week I am going to be swamped with exams and marking, as school officially ends on Friday. Everything has to be done on Friday. Since I am to be so busy, this is a good thing. Staying busy helps with the dieting.

Here are some pics of this week:

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