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01 February 2011

2011 Arnold Classic Blog - Update 3

Hi Everyone-

Officially, it has been 21 days since the beginning of my diet. 

Training - I am always training, but not always on point with my diet.  My family would refer to this as 'normal' or 'doing your training thing'.  They always ask me if I am training for anything - and well, this past year it has always been yes.  In fact the last 3 years I have been in 'diet' mode quite a bit.   I remember back in 2009 when I was trying to get my pro card, and I was 'in season' for the CBBF Nationals in August of that year.  My father-in-law has asked me if I was in training for anything, and we happened to be at a wedding in which I was carrying my ever so prevalent essential to any competitors lifestyle - my cooler - and I told him I probably would not be eating 'normal' until October.  The wedding was in July. 
His response was wide eyes, and well, we all had a laugh. 

It does amaze me at times the lengths we will go to in order to achieve what we want.  I don't see these little instances, or events in which I am dieting as a restriction to what I do.  Eating well is what I do all the time. Sure the event might be a bit nicer if I could share in a drink with friends, or even just a hamburger.  I know that this whole process is just temporary, and anyone who has been around me, and has shared a 'normal' meal knows that I can chow down like the best of them.  I think that many who do this type of lifestyle really love to eat, but have habits in place to know when is ok, and when they should probably cut back. 

There are always signs of weight gain. For me it is bad skin, joint pain, back pain, and more obvious things like, my clothes not looking the way I want them to look.  So I know for me these signs means 'cut back'. (fear of back pain, and bad skin usually can keep me in check).  However, with this being said in no way do I 'diet' all the time.  I do feel much better when things are on track though.  ;)

This weeks training - similar to last week - different training plan.
4 days weights
Cardio:  2-3 session of 20mins
Diet - on point.  A few missed meals. 
Routine practice: 2x this week - started full out routine practice. Messy but got through it.
I felt a twinge of pain in my calf last week - could have been one of 3 things: 
1. lack of gas in the tank at the time of my routine practice
2. improper warmup
3.  body not ready for the pounding.

Although I do think it to be a bit of #1, #3 is most likely.  It is hard to go from doing nothing (even just training), to doing a routine full out.  I find my body needs time to adjust to the demands I place on it.  For example, fly pushups, and tumbling.  I see spots every now and again, but last practice things were ok, so I do think I am over the hump of the adjustment period.  Now since I will be getting leaner, and working harder with the routine - up to 3x routine practice next week - I have to be careful to work it as hard as I can without injury.  There are times when I pull back as I know I am tired, or am close to my next meal.

I try to time my food with my routine practice so that an hour before I eat, then train for 1 hour, and pretty much am ready to eat again when I am finished.

Photos -
I see good progress this week.  I cannot wait for next week, as this is the point when things should really start tightening up.

I have noticed that the lighting plays a bit role in how I 'perceive' my body to be responding.

Until next week,



Pamela Bortmes said...

Looking great Allison! Best of luck to you!

amanda103 said...

Love the pic with your little kiddo in the back! My little guy used to stand right next to me imitating each pose during my progress pics!

Good luck with the rest of prep!

Carolyn said...

Awesome post, Allison! Good luck with your prep! Also, the story about "normal" eating versus "dieting" was awesome. So few people understand and it's great motivation to hear others going through the same thing.