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23 January 2011

2011 Arnold Classic Blog - Update 2

Hi Everyone-
I am amazed at how time flies. It feels just like yesterday I was updating this blog, and posting about my progress.  It is exactly 37 days until I leave.  5 weeks!  Yikes. This is when you really know the pressure is on, and your diet and training need to be exact.  I did not start my diet until 14 days ago (maybe less), and with every show I always think that I am not going to make it.

I can say that right now I am in full diet mode.  What that means to me, is that I eat my food, and really don't think to much about swaying from the diet plan. 

This week:
  • 4 days of weights
  • 2 routine days (one day was good, one day was a waste of time)
  • 20-25 mins cardio per session twice this week.
I cannot say that I do all the cardio as I just don't have time.  I had to cancelled two of my own cardio sessions as I am very busy.  It is January, I am personal trainer, demand is high right now.
My personal training business has taken off, and I am quite busy.  Compared to last year at this time (See blog postings of January 2010), I have to say that I love coming to work everyday.

When preparing for a show being busy is key to staying on track.  Not only does it contribute to your caloric expendure (even slightly), but your mind is always focussed on the take at hand, and if you experience hunger you don't notice as much.  I find that summertime is extremely hard for me to diet (and I have mentioned this before in previous posts), but in the 'winter weight' does come off a bit easier when it is cold outside.

Perhaps it because I am cold most of the time (due to the cold weather - don't read into this too much), and even if I burn an extra 100 calories over the period of my competition prep - that could add up to 1-2 lbs of fat loss that I did not have to consciously work for.  Plus working all day, and the coming home to my second job - being a mom & taking care of the house - my daily activity expendure is quite high.

I do have to say that when I am dieting - I don't watch a lot of TV.  I think TV (much like the Internet) can be a huge waste of time.  Sure I do watch certain TV shows, but sitting still in front of the TV has always been paired with eating.   But with the Internet - typing and eating does not happen as much.  I cannot enjoy cheat foods while sitting at the computer, but sitting in front of the TV and eating - that could be really easy, and fun - since I don't partake in that activity frequently.

So the point being - when dieting --->
  • keeping busy is extremely helpful to staying on track and with that minimize TV watching. 
  • Internet usage for me does go up slightly for the reasons mentioned above (cannot eat and type), but lately I am just too busy to 'browse'.  But the Internet can prove to be useful to keep the hands busy when dieting.
Here are this weeks pictures:






So I had started my diet on January 10th and now it is the Saturday the 23rd of January.  Good things have happened in two weeks.  I took the last set of pictures on the Monday, so only 6 days between this set of photos and last set -->  Arnold Classic Blog Update 1.

I have to admit that for the first time ever in a prep - I am missing meals.  I work, then I keep working and don't eat.  This is not a good strategy.  I am a smaller frame by nature, and need the food to keep my muscle.  Otherwise I just end of looking really lean, but small.

Goals for next week - eat my meals, especially between clients.  Routine practice full out at least 2x this week.  Change up my training plan.  Hold the line with the rest.

Until next week - Happy training,


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