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07 July 2009

38 days to Nationals

Hi Everyone-

Here are the pictures update. I have made progress. I weighed myself the other day at home and I was around 126lbs. I know 125lbs is a comfortable weight for me and 116lbs is way to skinny for a show. I did 12 weeks when I came into the Naturals and I was too skinny. Too cut, too lean, too everything - but I did really like the way I looked. I am not sure of what the 'look' is for this year, but I am seeing a 'softer' trend. A trend away from the hard cut look of years previous. Fitness, figure and now bikini continues to surprise many. When you think you have the look defined, bamm, the judges come up with something new.

This week's focus - the routine. Gotta get'er done!


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Krissa said...

You look like you could step on stage tomorrow! All you need is the tan! You look great.