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27 July 2009

17 days to Nationals

Hi Everyone-

The summer is flying by. Unfortunately the weather is not cooperating - rain, rain, rain all the time. Which can be viewed as a good thing as we are having less BBQ outside this year. Isn't that what summer is all about - friend, family, food, fun and well BBQ fare. There is less 'tempting' food around which is a good thing. I never cheat on my diet, but not having it around does help.

Training is going really well. At first I was a little worried, as my weight does not seem to be coming off as easily as last time (in March was my last show). In hindsight, I did start cleaning up my diet a little earlier, near Christmas, for a first week of March show. Although I tried to follow the same time line as before, I am not working right now. Moving all day while teaching really does make a difference. I have upped my cardio a bit, and cut back on some more calories, and things seem to be moving in the right direction. I do enjoy seeing the changes, and really don't mind doing the diet. It is summer, so wearing 'cute' clothes always seems to go better when I am a little leaner. Post winter weight gain can be a bit depressing when the clothes come off for the first time.

This upcoming weekend I have a big challenge ahead of me -- a wedding to attend. It should be ok, but weddings are just so much fun (most of them anyways), and well having a few drinks with the hubby would be a good for a laugh. However, there is plenty of time for celebration after Nationals, and any other time of year. ;)

My routine is coming along and I can finally get through it. I think it is much better than what I presented at the Arnolds or the Naturals. Unfortunately, it is not up to me to decide if it is better. Still doing the same routine as before - a Star Trek themed routine. I do have a better costume - more flash - and a routine which I feel reflects me. Sometimes I get bogged down on what the judges want instead of what I want. Whenever I do what I feel is best for me, and do what is in my heart, things seem to work out better.

Physique wise, I think I have brought up my shoulders and back. But, like most women getting the butt to tighten up is really the last thing for me. Grrr.

I am really excited to see everyone at the show. I always love talking to the girls, and seeing how their prep went, and what they do in their own lives.

Right now I am still pondering over what to do about school. Take the new workload which I know I can do, but will take a while to get used to and not have sour grapes about how things were handled. I guess this really is the best option as then I have a job to go to and still have some spare time to pursue other interests. Like, actually doing personal training, and guidance for those girls who want to start competing. I just hope there is a clientèle out there for me to work with. English or French it does not really matter, however, my French is very basic, but I am always willing to learn. I seem to have quite a few 'friends' willing to share their information which gives me comfort to know that I can get help when needed. I wonder how hard it is to do online training?

My mindset right now is stable. I am not over thinking the show too much. I tend to allow my thoughts get the best of me, and well, this time, I will be prepared with all aspects of competition and just go there to do my best. I will be trying to take as many pictures as I can, as who knows what is going to happen tomorrow. I could get hurt, and not be able to compete ever again. I just want to leave my best product, best showing for that moment in time, on the stage. I have allowed myself to be part of the journey this time, rather than just going through the motions, and get to show day, and realize - "how did I get here?"

I was very nervous for the Arnold - and I am not really sure why. This time I will have excitement for the show, but will control my emotions to be more focussed, more in the moment.

I know my time is short in the sport and I really do want to make the most of every minute. I need to look my fears straight in the eye, and just go out there and 'do'. I have many more days of practice/workouts/meals/training ahead of me, and want to be present for every moment of it.

Here are some pictures from last week, and this week.

Pictures- 23 days to Nationals (my little guy wanted to try posing this time...and he helped me put on my shoes)

Pictures - 17 days to Nationals

1 comment:

Brit-Man said...

You should do what makes you feel happy in life. If your current work doesn't, then you've other options to explore.

You deserve to be happy, and whilst making small sacrifices in order to compete properly, sometimes must be done; making big ones to give you less year round fulfillment, shouldn't.

You wouldn't be being fair to yourself.

It is ultimaetly your life and your decision though. You must do something that feels 100% comfortable for you.

We as people can only make best judgements beforehand, and if some don't work out, better to know you believed in it working out, rather than doing it for stupid, or pointless reasons.

I'm sure you'll find the right answer for you.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).