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10 August 2008

The end is here. Or it is another beginning....

Well, the 2008 Fitness & Figure Championships have come and gone. I placed 3rd. Sylvia Tremblay came 2nd and Tamara Vahn was 1st. Tamara and Chantal Dicaire also won their pro cards.

Sure I wanted a Pro card too, but it was just not my time--yet. Surprisingly, they did award another one in fitness, which is a step in the right direction. The competition was fierce, with everyone bringing their A game. I was so proud to compete with these other athletes, most of whom I have competed with for a number of years.

I do have a few things I can work on. But then again, there are always things you can work on. With each show I get a better sense of what I am capable of as an athlete, my shape, how to tweek my diet, and posing.

Is there anything that I would change for this show - no. I did everything that I could and presented a physique and routine that I was proud of. I could not ask for anything more. Some would ask - are you ok? are you upset? No. Not at all. The outcome is what it is - (there is that saying again).

Am I going to ask for feedback from the judges? Sure, but in a few days. I would like to spend some time with my family and relax, and have a clear mind before I ask questions of this nature. I know what I do need to work on, but to have a second and sometimes a 3rd set of eyes is ok, but you have to listen with a critical ear. Perhaps they will just say the same thing they did to me last year as feedback, "keep doing what you are doing". Now that statement is open to huge interpretation eh?

I really had a great time at this show. The routine portion is always my favorite, and I had a lot of fun performing it. I am very motivated to do another routine for next year, and just pack it full of tricks and flips. I love trying to fit as much as I can into a 2 mins routine (US rules) or 1 min 30 second routine (CAN rules).

Sandra Wickham and Ross did an amazing job putting on this show. It was well organized, well run, volunteers who knew what they were doing at all times, great stage, goodie bags, shopping with everything you need nearby, the hotel is amazing, great staff, attentive and all on time.

I hope this show is out here again next year - but the only time I would change is the time of year. For me I would prefer to have it in late spring/early summer so at least one can have their summer to do those favorite summer activities such as drinking beer, BBQ, family and friends.

If you have any feedback of the weekend would love to hear from you. More to write later.

I do have a few pics for you all to see.

Myself, Rachel, Martine

Top 5 - Fitness Short

Myself, Allison, Jodi


Virginie Anne said...

Félicitations Allison,

All the best for the future!
Good luck for the Arnold event


Claudine said...

Bravo Allison!
You made us proud! :)