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05 August 2008

2 days till I leave.

Here are some quick pics I took last night.
Sorry they are so poorly done, but I have not resolved my issues with my computer.
This thing (the computer) is quite frustrating. We have wireless, and it is not working, so I cannot use my laptop.
I think I am looking ok. I am feeling very depleted. I am watching everything I am eating, counting calories, and macros. I leave on Thursday to arrive in Vancouver later that night. Tomorrow I will do a routine practice, posing practice, and make sure everything stays in place when I move.
While I am there I am to do a few shoots with various photographers. I always love taking shots when you are in shape, as you never really know when you will be in shape like this again.
I have noticed a trend with photographers lately - they are all charging for photoshoots. I have only one question--why? Everything is digital, so their cost to take the pictures is virtually nothing. Sure they have to pay for their equipment, expenses to get to the show, etc, but, I 'the model' have expenses of my own. I think this issue was brought up on various message boards that I frequent. Questions like: does the model have a fee? Or, does the photographer charge for their time?
I have to say that I have never paid for a photoshoot and am very reluctant to do so. I hope that if not too 'diva' of me. Perhaps I could justify it and make it a gift to myself for all my hard work. But then again, the whole competition experience is one VERY big gift to myself.
Who has paid for their own photoshoots? Did you get the results you wanted?
What did the photographer do with all the other photos he did not give you?
I will update before I leave on Wed/Thursday to let you know how I am feeling, and what my goals are for the weekend.
It is so close now.....


noel said...

Pictures look good! I am rooting for you Allison-Good Luck!

Brit-Man said...

GOOD LUCK :-) :-).