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18 October 2006

More cardio.

I have good news. I am adding another show. I will be competing at the WNSO Pro show in Miami on November 3rd to 5th in Miami, FLA. I decided I needed a warmup to Nationals.

Here are some more pics.

October 15, 2006

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Now I am full into my cardio. I am doing 45 minutes in the morning, and usually 45 minutes at night if I can get to the gym. I can almost do my routine full out as I just missing one move at the end. It will come next practice though I can feel it.

For those mom's out there, I have been breastfeeding since May 1, and recently stopped as of yesterday. So these pics I was still breastfeeding. Some are wondering how you can compete and breastfeed, and well I am sure you can, but I was leary of trying this with my little guy. I did not want to cut my calories too much at his expense, and with me travelling for 5 days it would be difficult. Zachary is almost 6 months already, so by the World Health Organization standards I have put in the minimum. I am a little sad to have stopped, but I am enjoying the freedom that comes with being able to feed Zach with a bottle.

I am still hitting the weights hard, and heavy as I need my muscle back and I am sure it will come. I am just really excited to be getting out of the house, and travelling. It has been a year and a half since I have seen my fitness body, and boy, will I be pleased to see its return.

More pics this weekend.


1 comment:

Brit-Man said...

Keep up the hard work Allison. I can appreciate it must be difficult, juggling your Mothering duties with your training, and you are proving it can be done, and done well.

You should be so, so proud of yourself, so don't let anything get in your way, and keep working hard.

Yes the muscle will come back for sure, and the way most peoples bodies work, it will come back faster than it was gained in the first place.

You'll be a smash at the November show, and if memory serves correctly, it starts on your birthday, so a good way to turn 30 :-).

I will remember to send you an e-card or something like that, for you to read before or after you go.

GOOD LUCK with everything you are doing. Zach is such a lucky little boy, to have you there for him, and I just know he'll thank you one day, when he truly appreciates what you've done for him.

Take care Allison. You are doing fantastically well, and you are what I'd always thought you'd be, a brilliant, brilliant Mother.

Regards to you and the family.

:-) :-).