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20 October 2006

2 weeks to go....

Hopefully I am going to make this show. Here are some updated photos of today.

October 20, 2006

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I have 2 weeks to get everything together, well, the body mainly . Routine is great. I feel really strong. Cardio....let's see.....if you have a plan and it is working that is what I am used to doing in order to get ready for a show. I have heard and read much about HIIT. Using periods of hard work say, 20 sec (all out to die for sprint on the treadmill) intervaled with 40 seconds of recovery work. Although I do a type of training similar to this, mainly interval training but not of the same ratios, in order to prepare for the routine, I am leary to let go of my old training practices - such as cardio, in order to prepare for a show. If it works for me, then why change it right? I have to admit that I am have been doing less cardio now, than I ever have before. Mainly I just don't have the time.

My little guy sleeps but not the whole night. He is constantly learning new things, and well, wants to get up to 'practice'. When he wakes, I am usually awake after that. Luckily my gym is 24 hours, and going at 3:30am does not seem that foreign to me anymore.

From the pictures I really need to work on tightening up the backend. Isn't it always this way with the women. The abs are starting to come in nicely, but my skin really has not retracted as quickly as I would have liked from the pregnancy. Luckily no stretch marks on my belly but the skin...there is just extra. I am sure time will fix this.



Brit-Man said...

I know you'll find a way to get the look you're after Allison.

Time is a great teacher, if nothing else, and often time is frustrating too, but then that's life.

GOOD LUCK, I know you'll be back to your very best soon.

You are doing an awsesome job.

:-) :-).


Ally said...

Thank you Matt. I appreciate that you follow what I do. You really keep my spirits up.

Two weeks, and counting....


Laurel said...

Hi Allison,

I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are to so many people.
I am pregnant right now with my first child and I have been trying to find information on getting back in shape after the baby. It has always been my dream to compete after having children.
You are the only one who has been willing to put your journey up where other moms and moms to be can watch and see that it can be done; and that we are normal if it doesnt happen in the snap of our fingers. (although you are pretty impressive competeing only months after giving birth).
You have been my favorite competitor for the longest time, so I really love seeing you one your way back to competition.
You have come so far already and I know you will get where you want to be and be a fierce competitor once again!
good luck and thank you so much for all you do for your fans!

Laurel (mommy 2 be!!!)

Amber said...

Hey Allison, you look great!! Im so excited to see the outcome of your comps. I know you will do awesome! Im also very excited to see your journey there. Im 6 weeks postpreg. and I want to do a fame come in april. Im really interested to see how you get back. I do have a ? I want to know how you started back doing your routine? Did it take long to get back your flexability and flips/tumbling back? How did you start off practicing this? Well, all the best to you. You are sincerely a role model!
-Be Blessed:)

FitMonkey said...
Since I don't know how to keep in contact with the other board members, here is a link to a great board full of helpful advice, especially for competitors. I hope you don't mind Alison since I know you have visited there. I post as FitMonkey.
Allson, we are all behind you 100%, and are looking forward to your fabulous return to the stage! I am finding it near impossible just to get my workouts in place on top of eating right and my 7.5 month old! Later guys...Anna

lauren said...

your butt looks better than mine and i've had no kids yet. You give yourself far too little credit, Ally.

Ally said...


Congratulations! So excited to hear that you are going to be a mommy. I loved being pregnant, ok..near the end was tough as I just was not hungry anymore. But I did have a lot of fun eating all the pieces of cake at work (we celebrate everyone's birthday - that is a staff of 60!), and ice cream for heartburn.

Post partum was hard, as I did have the baby blues and really did not realize until I came out of the 'fog'.

Getting back into it started with walking for 2 hours a day. My hubby would force me to go out for at least an hour a day...and I am glad he did.

You will be back in your pre-pregnancy body in no time. Breastfeeding does speed up the weight loss!

Hang in there, as their will be times when you might think...ok...can you go back in my belly for like 3 hours so that I can sleep. ;)


Ally said...


It took me 3 months to get started on the routine. I started near the end of August, after I had lost basically all the pregnancy weight. I started with pushups and situps to start strengthening my core. (Also will help alliviate back pain.) And then I just tried some of my movements that I new I could do before. They were really messy, but I persevered, and they finally came back probably a month later. HOw did I start...basically I just went for it....and hopefully would not break or pull anything.

Connecting all the elements has been the tough part, as awakening my fast twitch muscle has been a challenge. I just feel old, and slow. But with every practice things get stronger, and I am able to 'sell' the routine more to the audience, and well, the judges too.

Tumbling has only been the last month. Luckily it was fall and I could still practice on grass. I was really nervous to do back tucks, and still standing tucks make me nervous. I just had to put my mind on hold and let my body do what it knew how to do. I feared the flips, but not it is ok, as long as I don't over think what I am about to do.


Ally said...

Fit Monkey-

Excellent way to keep in contact with others. I also go to the Oxygenmag board.

Maybe you could start a post about my message board changing and try to find other members? Hopefully Thunder won't mind.


Ally said...

Sorry, it was Laurel not Laural.

I can edit my posts but not comments.

Lauren (is this the same person?)-
I deleted your duplicate post, and response to duplicate post.


Randi is Gone said...

Wow. Just wow! You're doing great!

Amber said...

Hey Ally, just wanted to check and see how things were going for you this week? Are you getting excited with only one week left untill the comp? Well I know im excited, I cant wait to hear about it!
Have a blessed day!

Laurel said...

Hey Allison,

I'm really looking forward to seeing you make your competition. Your doing great, keep it up!

I am also enjoying the more relaxed nutrition plan of pregnancy...I have adversons to pizza, burgers, and sweets....weird! I don't know weather to consider myself luck because I don't have to fight the cravings or unlucky that I am not going to have some time to enjoy the yummy stuff, hmm. haha

To answer your question...Lauren and I are not the same person. close though.

I can't wait to see your next pictures!