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21 February 2010

10 days to go!

Here we are; the final stretch.

Last weekend, I was in Columbus for a Mike Davies camp. I had gone to a camp in July of 2009, just for a little motivation and it was just what I needed to keep on top of everything. This time was for the same reasons.
The weekend is filled with 4 huge workouts, posing and bootcamp. I met some wonderful girls. Funny, welcoming, and very friendly. Those who I have encountered in the industry who truly love what they do and love competing are so enthusiastic, and smart.

Weekends like this really put a positive perspective on everything. I think I am so attracted to the bootcamps as it is a time when I know I can hang with girls who are just like me. I remember my weekends away competing as time with the girls. In conversations with them, I sensed that they felt the same way. We would have a lot of laughs, eat really well (diet food, and then of course non diet food) and share our stories of training, tips & tricks, and motivation ideas.

I was in much better shape this time than last time I attended camp. The post workout soreness felt like a one hard workout, and was able to walk normally when I returned.

I noticed some huge changes in my physique in the last couple of weeks.

I was looking back on a few posts from when I began my blog and stumbled upon these:

This is me 6 months (Oct 06) after having my son and just about to compete:


And this is me from about a week ago:

And from the back:


I think looking at these I think it can be said that I have made some improvements.

My waist is still not as small as I would like, but after having a baby I think I have come along way. Things change after a baby, move around, and sometimes don't go back to where you want them to go. I have had a friend who competed 3 months after having a child. I did not know how she did it. Babies love protein, and I found that having a child took all my muscle away. The next time, (if there is a next time) I have a child I will not push it so hard to get my body back. Giving up your body for 9 months, ++ months to get back into shape, can be hard on your mental state; especially if you are not ready. I will be ready the next time. I will also continue to workout regularly while pregnant - the first time I did not. I gained 50lbs + in the process. It was a long road back to get my muscle back.

Workouts are going well. Routine is going well. It is a fun routine, and I am hoping that I am the only one doing this theme - Be Italian by Fergie.

Here is a part of the song:

Inspiration & Motivation

I have also adopted 3 songs for inspiration for the training period.

Ke$ha - Tic Tok

Evacuate the Dance Floor - Cascada

Empire State of Mind - Alicia Keys & JayZ

I always have a few songs to listen to before I get on the stage. I don't watch the other competitors - and in this case, I am really not watching the other competitors. I looked at the list again of who will be competing at the Fitness International - and see that I am and should be proud to be doing this show. The amount of talent that will hit the stage for this show adds up to a total experience level of about 110 years between the 15 of us! That is on average 7 years of experience each. Incredible! These are some very, very experience girls, and again, I am so proud to be able to share the stage with them.

I am looking forward to just performing really well, and soaking up the moment. I know I have expectations for myself, but I do have to remind myself that I am new to this whole IFBB Pro scene and need to be patient. I have always had coaches in my life tell me to 'slow down' as I always want to 'run before I can walk'. I am starting everyday to get more and more excited. It is hard to maintain the momentum in training/diet when the show is so far away, but now that it is just upon does get a little easier. I have aspirations of making it to the Olympia this year, so a top 6 spot is what I am aiming for. Ok, a little lofty considering the lineup, but why not? I only live once, and well what if I die tomorrow? I just want to be able to 'got for it' and be proud that I actually did that. I always want to do my very best, and whatever the outcome is - so be it.

Webcast -
I am really excited that the show will be webcast by - here is the main page.

Arnold Main Page
- If you scroll down you will see WEBCAST - when the page is ready you can bookmark it.

Those around me have never seen me compete in a long time, and it will be wonderful to share with them what I have been doing for so long. The hear all about it, and now they will be able to experience it too.

I will also be at their booth all weekend long. What a fun weekend!

So for this week I plan to train, eat really well, get my beauty stuff out of the way, start packing, and cooking. This week is going to fly by and really I cannot wait.

I think I am just hungry. I cannot wait to eat....bread. Mmm...bread.

Talk soon,


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Brit-Man said...

You can be very proud of the things you done since becoming a Mother.

There is still plenty left for you yet. Your far from done :-) :-).