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23 May 2009

2.5 months to Nationals

Hi Everyone-

It has been a while since I have updated. over the next few months updates will be more frequently as I will off on summer vacation once again, and thus have more time on my hands.
Right now I am in the midst of exams and final prep with my students. Two more weeks of prep for them, and then they are writing exams. This year has been uber busy as we are going through a huge 'reform' in Education in Quebec, and funny you never hear about it on the local news. I will not go into my rant on this topic as that is another side of me. The year is almost finished, and I want to remain positive and help my students the best I can under the circumstances.

Well, what have I been up to? After drowning my sorrows in food for a bit (it does happen to the best of us), I have been training really hard in the gym (ahem, heavy) in order to gain back the muscle I have lost through dieting and bringing up my upper back and shoulders. I have a few ideas of things to change in my presentation and will be working on that through the summer in order to make sure I show my best in August.

The next show for me is in August - THE Nationals - in Vancouver - the 2009 Canadian Fitness & Figure Nationals to be held on the weekend of August 15th. It is promoted by Sandra and Ross Wickham - for more information.

It is the next event and my 4th try at an IFBB pro card. I have the same routine with a few minor changes - Star Trek theme, and will be trying to 'wow' the judges once again. My physique is always tough, as I come in very lean and it seems to be the new trend not to go with the old school leanness that once was favored. But I do see the hardness, including the capped shoulders in the pros - so all I need to do is get there. On the CBBF website they have pictures of what the figure and fitness athlete should strive towards, see here, and well, they are not currently rewarding that look. It does leave me confused. I am not sure how to look but I will bring in a shape that I am happy with and then let the judges decide.

People have said some things to me, nice and well not so nice this year. I am surprised at how mean some people can be. When I competed for FAP, FAME and Tri-Fitness and Ms. Fitness I never experienced cattiness and mean spirited people. Now that I compete for the IFBB and NPC there are moments when people will say not the nicest things to me. Or say not so nice things about the girls around me. I find this to be very surprising as this is not the type of fitness environment I grew up in. Perhaps I am a bit naive but I have strong belief that in everyone there is good.

I think I just have to surround myself with a good group of people that can support me all the way to the Pros and beyond. It does begin at home, with my family, friends, and co-workers. They are so funny. For me to eat 'diet' food is considered normal. When I am not dieting that is when they make comments like, 'hey you are not supposed to be eating that'. We always have a laugh about that. For me to be 'not normal' is normal.

Then I have Erik Ledin of He has been putting me to the test over the past few weeks. My training has been quite intense. I love beating myself up in the gym, and I do have him to thank for that. I am sure the next program will be just as intense, in order to continue my preparations for Nationals.

There are others as well, who have helped guide, and shape me. I am going to have to make one special post to thank all those who have helped me over the years. I am going to keep them nameless right now, as well, you can't give away all your secrets. I will getting help where I can over the next few months, in order to improve. Which this is one of my main goals - always to improve and be better than I was the previous year. I have been doing this fitness thing for a while, by myself, and now I know I need to call upon others who have more knowledge in order to bring me to a higher level physically and mentally.

I will post some off season pictures sometime next week. Yes, I have gained weight. More than usual. We can talk about that later.

This weekend is the Jr.USAs. How lucky those girls are to be able to compete Nationally at least 4 times a year in order to earn a pro card. Here in Canada we have one Nationals and one pro card. Luckily the back up plan is the North Americans - yes, I heard about that show and the divisions they added. I will probably be there ;)


1 comment:

Krissa said...

I believe you probably wasnt "drowning my sorrows in food," as it was probably primal hunger dont you think? You got pretty lean. It seems like most figure girls eat quite a bit after a competition. It may seem like you go overboard but it is probably your body trying to get back to a normal healthy balance. Am I wrong?

I cannot tell who those competitors are in that link you provided...with their faces blurred out so well and all .... :)

Good luck with training!