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01 April 2009

19 Weeks till Nationals.

Hi Everyone-

Thanks for all the kinds words post show. I know that sometimes one needs to vent for at least a moment to be able to put everything in perspective. I mean, we all work hard, and we need a moment to get grounded, and then move forward. I am completely ok with everything that has happened this year. The results, the feedback, the ups and downs. I have had a great year so far in 2009 and I am sure it can only get better.

The next show on my list of competitions will be the August 15th, Canadian Fitness & Figure Nationals in Vancouver. Already have my flight and hotel booked, and ready to go. I might just add one more show at the end of August, but I have not decided for sure yet. I have discussed with my hubby and prep lands at our end of summer vacation. He gave me the ok, but still you never know how opinions and perspectives change when that time comes.

I was off to Los Angeles for a few days, and will hopefully have some good news to post and a few other pics, as I shot with Michael Neveux. He does amazing work, and am very honored to have had the chance to work with him - twice!

Back to the grind now, working out without the pressure of competition - which I love. Nothing like going to the gym in the morning and setting up your day, feeling accomplished all before oh....6am. I love going to the gym. I have not felt that way for a long time. Perhaps it is that I have scaled back at work, and have more time to do my workout properly. I no longer have to rush to get through it in order to get to my other job.

The other job, teaching, well there are still many changes that I have to deal with on a daily basis. And if you are a teacher you probably can relate.

The Quebec Gov't has created a situation in which:
students don't actually have to pass math to move on to the next grade
students have memory aid (cheat sheets)
students have a hard time doing a test - asking, "am I doing this correct?" is not an appropriate question during a test
the lowest mark I can give a student is 24% (meaning 24% is the new zero - do nothing and get a 24%)
grade 9 math is what I teach, but I really teach a grade 8 lite math

I love being around the students as they keep me young, but wow, the changes that I have seen in my short span of my career are exponential. I can see why new teachers don't stay. But I do love coming in everyday, and enjoy my students. Mainly I beat them up (not literally) and am a bit hard on them which in grade 9 is necessary. They challenge me in a way that always makes me better.

Teaching and fitness could not be more different. This is probably why I love both.


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