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05 March 2010

Arnold Classic - Thursday

Good morning everyone
Yesterday I did not do too much. Lazed around watching housewives of orange county all day on Bravo.
Ran a few errands, went for a walk, ate, and that is about it.

Everything really did not get going until the afternoon. I had tanning at 2:30, then back to the room to eat and watch more TV. I have been relaxing way too much. Tanning did not go well. Same issue that happened last year happened this year. I will discuss later when I am on a full keyboard.

Athlete meeting was at 6:30 for the fitness gals and 7pm for the figure. It is so funny meeting all the fitness gals cause I already know who they all are. I am really a huge fan and watch them all online. I love the Internet for this reason as I would never have been able to see shows if not for the internet.

Then we all went over to the convention centre and then the Veterans Memorial to see what would be the for the night show.

The whole process took about an hour. I did not bring food with me and aS ready to eat, tan and sleep.

I am excited for tommorrow (today). I have to get more tanning, get my makeup done., do my hair and be over at the venue at 11 ish.
I am ready.

Talk soon,



1 comment:

Marilyne Meunier said...

Wow Allison !! I was watching you on .... youre AWSOME, incredible, a REAL INSPIRATION !! Your shape is ... hot like wow !!!! And what a kickass routine you put out there !!! Im really proud of you, especially when i know youre a little quebec girl ;)

You did it girl !!! The pro stage !! I wish i could do fitness like you do, its...unbelievable !! Keep going girl ;) and enjoy your offseasn, and the food, and blablabla ;)
Marilyne Meunier