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19 September 2009

Olympia 2009 - Las Vegas

Don't you just love the autumn? I have had or we have had, I should say, a very wet summer, and now the weather is just beautiful. I would have liked July to be a 'school' month, and then we should have September off. Just a thought...

Well, it has been one week since my last show. I am craving another show. Yes, I am crazy but I would love to do the Fort Lauderdale pro show which is the 10th of October. I know that my physique is not on par with other pros, but it is a work in progress. I would like to just have more experience on the pro circuit, have fun with the girls, and just 'see how I do'. Placing well was important, as it lead to a Pro card, but now I just want to get better each time I compete. Not sure if doing another show is in my schedule, but I know I want to, but perhaps may not have the time to. It does land on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, and well, the weekend before is homecoming at the local University and well, things can get a bit crazy around here during that time. ;)

Oh, and I did I mention, I am moving all week. Yes, we bought a new house. My husband has been moving things all week, while I oriented myself back at school. I do feel as though I have my feet under me know. It can be very stressful when you just don't know what you are doing with your job. This weekend, I am planning on doing all the 'little stuff' for the move, and then letting him and his helpers (he has lined up many), move all the furniture when I am gone. So when I return we will be in the new house.

Next weekend is the Olympia! I have never been to the Olympia. I hear it is quite a scene. I will be working the booth all weekend. Lots of product to give away so make sure this is your #1 spot to visit if you are planning on attending the expo. I am hoping to attend the night shows, but I think they might be all sold out!

I am trying to 'hold the line' with my physique this week. It is hard at times, but I am managing. I did not want to go through the rebound that I experienced last March after the Arnold. This time I think I have things under control. I was not as strict with myself, and did diet longer, but not harder.

After returning home from the Atlantic City Pro show, I had an interview with Jenna Mitcheson with American Body Plus. It was wonderful to be able to talk about my experiences this year. I find through my blog, and talking to others you gain a good perspective about competition, life, and the balance between the two.

And I did an interview with Dave Palumbo, for and I found my routine and the post win Interview. I was very excited, and extremely proud to be in that moment.

And I did post my 45 second routine on my YouTube channel.

See you all really soon at the Olympia - I will be arriving Thursday.


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Brit-Man said...

I can understand why you would want to do another show. When something positive happens in your life, you want it to happen a lot more frequently don't you?

That's only natural.

I'm sure whatevr things you do in your life, you will make the right decision for you and your family.

Your routine on RX muscle was brilliant, and you can see why you are such a talented athlete.

Keep on doing what you're doing, best wishes and good luck.

:-) :-).