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11 March 2009

Arnold Classic 2009 - Results

Hi Everyone -

I am back from the Arnold 2009 - whew! What a weekend. I am super tired, but I managed to get through it all. Working all day at the booth and competing is a lot. I did not realize how much work it was going to be.

Let's start with the booth - they were so busy and packed! The line was super long and some people waited upwards of 2 hours to receive some product. We did give out a lot of product, by the handfuls. People were so kind to wait, and we tried at the booth to be as fair as we could considering those who tried to cut the line. This was one of the busiest booths by far. I was so glad to be apart of team and cannot wait to attend the Olympia in September of 2009.

Now on to the Arnold Amateur results....I placed 2nd! Yay! I made a few mistakes in my routine. For instance, I went first - and usually I want to go first, but this time I had no choice. They went alphabetically and well A, or E - either way I am screwed. Ok, not a problem I thought I will go first. But when I got on stage and heard my music, it was so loud, that it did not sound like my music, and well I started 2 beats behind, and that set the stage for the rest of the routine. I did forget about 8 counts near the end, as I flubbed a move, and it make me forget some movements. I thought I covered it well, but one judge really nailed me for it. Next time if I don't start properly I will stop and re-start. I mean, I spent a lot of money to be there, and need to make sure I have the best performance possible.

The physique round went ok, but all weekend I struggled with my tan. The new JanTana did not work with my skin, and I got sprayed, and then the tan was all blotchy and then came off completely on the clothes I was wearing. When you tan does not go right it can affect your focus. I had to get re-sprayed, and well it was tough to manage as I was worried the same thing would happen again. My tan was not great and I am sure that hurt me in the physique round.

I think my shape has changed this year due to all my heavy training. I like it. Some judges preferred softer, and some harder. You just never know what they want. But I do enjoy the shape that I am currently bringing and will stick to that look.

You can see the scores here:

In the end, Sylvia and I were tied for first. The tie breaker is whomever, has the most 1st place finishes. She had one more than me.

Am I disappointed? Well, a little. I did not perform my best; and that makes me disappointed in myself. I always want to put my best performance on the floor, and entertain the crowd. Then whatever the outcome, I know I had done my very best. That is always my goal. To do my best, and then let the results fall where they may. I totally beat myself up about not performing well all Thursday night, and even Friday am went to the gym and worked out to try to calm my thoughts. All the judging is done on Thursday night - the Saturday only results portion.

I end up being very hard on myself, and not sure why. I think it is my work ethic, and my future goal of achieving pro status. Perhaps I am placing too much emphasis on that, and need to scale back and focus on what is most important. When I mentioned that I wanted to go pro to some International judges they told me it was a bad idea. It gave me something else to think about - what about the World Amateur fitness event - that seems like a fun show - Italy anyone?? I need to focus more on the journey, and making some new friends in the industry. My balance is off.

My next show is the Natural Physique in Laval QC on March 21st. It is 2 hours away from my house. I know that my family and friends will be there to cheer me on. That will be great to have them actually see what I do as it has been a long time since my husband has seen me perform, and other friends have never seen me perform.

I have to scale back my routine a bit as it is a shorter time frame for this show - only 1 min 30 seconds maximum. This week, I will stay the course on my diet, practice my routine a bit more so this time I don't forget, and get my workouts in. I am also going to scale back my time on the Internet. I think I spend too much time here, and not enough focusing on other areas of my life. At least I am aware of that now, and can change it.

In other news, on the way home from the Arnold I was kicked off my flight. I had to spend an extra night in Cincinnati Ohio, and then only got home on Monday around 2pm in the afternoon. Brutal. Lost one day of training, but I am sure considering how skinny I was it won't affect show preparations for the Natural Physique.

The weekend was great, and I had some seriously hard laughs with my girlfriends. They are super fun to be with and I really wished they lived closer. When you grow older keeping your circle of friends tight becomes more of a challenge.

Here is a few pictures from the weekend. I will put the rest on facebook.


Claudine said...

Bravo pour le Arnold! Le choix était vraiment difficile à faire, je n'aurais pas voulu être un juge! eheheh

Je serai là le 21! Et j'espère pouvoir te dire un petit bonjour :) Bonne chance xxx

Marilyne Meunier said...

Congratulations A. !!!U look stunning ;)

Brit-Man said...

You just need to focus on what is best for you. No matter what you do, you have always been an inspirational rolemodel, and a truly beautiful advert for the female form, and nothing can take away what you have done, and what it has meant and can mean for a lot of people out there, who have body issues, or sporting dreams of their own.

Your future could include motivational speaking, seminars, books or other things too, and you also have to be proud of the influence, you are no doubt having on your son.

You will always be one of the best athletes your sport has ever seen, and you continue to be everything that you are capable of being.

You are a phenominal champion, but even the best can't be the best for always, and you need to stop being hard on yourself, and realise you're a human being, and you're a world-class athlete at what you do, but time and patience will reward you with the ultimate accolades, and status.

So don't over-analyse it, or be really hard on yourself. The achievements speak for themselves, and the opportunities, and exposure has proven it was all worth it.

You are a truly, truly amazing work of art, a very amazing personality, and a fantastic example of what a lady is, as you always are everything a sportswoman should be on and off the stage, which is proffessional, personable, and always maintaining a wonderful image, and it has always put you in the very best of lights.

Keep up the hard work, and know that every single second of effort, time, patience, fight, sweat, and mind tests have shown what is possible, and you have become a true champion, and a Lady of greatness, with a family, and a great job, who proves that it is possible to have your life, and still succeed at a sport.

I might not have commented on here much lately, but I've been looking, and never stopped believing, that you would one day fulfill all you are capable of, and if I haven't said it as much as I perhaps used to, it's never been any the less felt.

You were the one that showed me there was more to the female form, than just outright size, and your success and image, helped me to be less ignorant, and now I go on sites where some people with simlar bodies to yours, get more recognition, because I can understand and appreciate what they go through to get it.

You will always remain to me, a true heroine of the stage athletics scene, and be someone I will always recognise as a true great, and a true and pure athlete, who has the Heart, human qualities and off stage attitude / image, that I have cited before, as an example to other females looking to be like you, because young females, could aspire to be like you, and it's a lot better than being thin and starved, and there's plenty of people in your sport who don't have in my mind, an acceptable off stage image sometimes, who I wouldn't recommend to others as someone to look up to and be like.

You will do whatever you are destined to do, because you have a lot of time still to do it, and that is the important thing, so don't worry about it, just keep working at it, and never forget how far you have come.

You might have once been a cheerleader with a broken hand, but you're not an athlete with a broken dream, so don't start believing it might be getting too late, or too lost a cause.

Take care and WELL DONE. As ever you look nothing short of spectacular, and every inch the beautiful, married, sporting Lady, you have become known as being, and you should be very, very proud of your achievements, including your domestic ones.

Your Son couldn't have a better rolemodel, and I am sure you and he are a wonderful compliment to each other.

GOOD LUCK for the future, and chin up misses.

:-) :-).